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We offer a large range of products specially designed to meet the needs for sport shooting:

  • All the rifle and pistol shooting distances from 10m to more than 1200meters/yards
  • Calibers from 0.17 to .50 (12.7mm)
  • Monitors (plug and shoot displays) designed for indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Our systems offer extreme flexibility and can cover virtually any type of shooting ranges, from the simple training range to mobile, complex ranges

  • Specially designed equipment for long range shooting in the open; 
    - Weatherproof
    - Wireless (or cable) communication
    - Portable; The electronics at the firing line and the target line is mounted in ruggedized, weatherproof cases


Software packages: Managing a competition has never been easier

  • Control Room software: complete management of the competition and the shooting lanes. All data automatically managed from the firing line
  • Spectator display: Update in real time both at the arena and at the Internet. We even deliver packages to a TV channel
  • Total package for ranking: takes care of the competitors and their points