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Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS), earlier named Kongsberg Mikroelektronikk, was established in 1994 by people sharing a passion for shooting,
and experts in software and micro electronics. The goal was to detect the hits electronically.
Our solution dramatically raises available shooting time for any lane, and enables competitions with display not only on each shooter`s monitor,
but also immediate distribution of results by big screens at the arena and by Internet in real time

The well-known Norma ammunition brand invested early in the company, bringing shooting expertise to the table.

The first focus was on the demanding needs of the Norwegian Rifle Assosiation (Det Frivillige Skyttervesen - DFS). 
The climate of Norway (temperatures, snow, humidity, wind) has shaped a very robust design.  
In addition our system has proved to handle also extremely high temperatures and bright sunlight, like some places in for example Australia, India and USA,
which proves that our system handles all tough outdoor challenges in the world. 

A continuous development of the products and marketing has made is possible to install over 12.000 electronic shooting targets
operating worldwide for more than 1.100 different sport/hunting clubs and military/police/border guard units,
in close to 30 nations (2016).

Being a worldwide actor, the company changed it`s name to Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS) in 2012.

KTS is a specialist in user-friendly solutions for national shooting programs, long distance shooting,
ruggedized solutions for defense and security, and tailor-made solutions for ammunition and weapon manufacturers.

KTS has a broad experience of rather large competitions. Each year, the Norwegian Rifle Championship (Landsskytterstevnet) gathers 5-6000 shooters in eight days.
Approx. 500,000 rounds are fired at 215 Kongsberg targets during these days.
The National Broadcasting Corporation produces approx 12 TV hours for the main national channel, most of it in real time.

Our largest shooting range has for many years been the National Shooting Centre in Denmark (Vingsted), with 170 lanes at 15-25-50-100-200-300m.
From 2015 on the largest one is Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama/USA
, established by Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) with 250 targets at 25-50-100-200-300-600yards;