From shot to web

Whatever type of shooting, you need an accurate feedback. The electronic shooting detection opens a whole new world of possibilities. The feedback is in real time, the points are summed up automatically, display for spectators/instructors and ranking in real time. The debate about “shoot in the same hole” is a thing of the past.

Here is a general description of the system :

Target Monitor (display)

The bullet hits the target, which detects the impact is and gives immediately a feedback to the shooter on the monitor. No delay, no walk to the target. Some of the obvious advantages are:
  • Instant feedback to the shooter
  • Less need for people
  • Significantly longer time between maintenance intervals than paper targets. Rotation of the rubber for the target after typically 500 to 3000 shots, depending on shooting distance and type of shooting.
  • No error in case several shots come through the same hole! The system detects any shot.
  • Endless possibilities for display on the Internet, TV, large stadium screens etc. in real time.
  • Fast, easy and effortless, mistake-proof ranking.
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