From shot to web
Rugged wireless and mobile solutions

Extremely easy to vary/change the shooting distances, in order to train more effectively;
  • At the firing line there is only a monitor and a Pelicase (w radio, server and battery)
  • Close to the target, there is a similar Pelicase (w radio and battery)
  • No wire between the target(s) and the firing line!
  • No calibration before shooting, just plug and play!
Monitor built on LCD technology, designed for all-year outdoor use (-40°C/-40°F to +70°C/+158°F ).
No need for overroofed firing points.

nmm monitor
  • The monitor is based on a chassis made of stainless steel. Waterproof.
  • The display is readable in bright sunlight, and is protected by a laminated, anti-reflective coated glass, able to withstand the impact of cartridges from automatic weapons.
  • Solid mil. spec. contacts.
  • ”Vandal proof” buttons.
  • A smart card reader is standard.
  • he monitor is easy to operate, with dynamic menus.
  • Software for all kind of human targets.