From shot to web
The Norwegian National Rifle Championship 2012

The Norwegian National Rifle Championship is in total one of the largest and most technical advanced shooting competitions in the world. This year in Voss approx. 5100 shooters participated at a new built spectacular arena.

Since 2001 this huge competition has been arranged with 75 electronic targets from Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS). The Norwegian Army has bought the whole package, in order to support such sport shooting in Norway. 
Every year KTS is hired by the Army to mount, operate and dismount this electronic package. The Army renewed the contract with Kongsberg Target Systems in 2011.

The results were transmitted graphically in real time to the arena and the Internet. 12 hours of the competition were broadcasted at the Norwegian TV, like previous years. 
This makes the shooting sport more popular for the population and is really nice for recruitment.

Although more than 200.000 rounds were fired during this week, the electronic targets/scoring system worked perfect all the time, and the championship was arranged successfully.