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Maintenance of the targets
The expanded plastic sheet that is added to several of our front temperature shields, decreases the need of maintenance significantly.
This sheet should be replaced with a new one every time the rubber band(s) are rotated.

Important advise! 
Over time we have begun suspecting this bugger also causing trouble. In these cases the sheet is not properly inserted to the recess in the temperature shield.
This is usually caused by dust piling up in the recess, that the sheet is bulging out of the temperature shield or simply the sheet has fallen out and pinched below the recess.
If so, the measuring chamber might be compressed to an extent that the target might score incorrectly, especially in windy conditions.
In this respect we recommend following steps to avoid such problems:
  1. Empty the recess for dust.
  2. Check that the sheet easily fits into the recess and is not bulging out. In latter case adjust the size of the sheet.
  3. Add some spray-glue (3M strong spray-glue) to one side of the expanded plastic sheet (only).
    Let it dry out and insert the sheet with the glue facing into the temperature shield. The sheet will lightly stick to the temperature shield, still fully possible to pick it out again later.
  4. Periodically check that the sheet is positioned as described, and not bulging out. Note that the expanded plastic sheet is 10mm thicker than the temperature shield.
You might wonder about the expanded plastic sheet inserted to the rear temperature shield. This sheet is much thinner than in the front.
It’s still important that it doesn’t fall out, but it’s less likely to create problems if the shape isn’t perfect.