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Talladega 600/USA

The championship "Talladega 600" was arranged 5-10 December 2017 at the national shooting center Talladega Marksmanship Park in USA.
The shooting federation Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has built and operates this huge shooting center in Alabama. 

The rifle shooting was done at distances 100-600 yards, with both modern and vintage type of weapons.
The pistol shooting was done at distances 25 and 50 yards.

The championship was a success, despite of snowy weather, which is very infrequently indeed in Alabama.

The competition was cancelled on Friday 8 December due to restricted view. However, on Saturday and Sunday the shooting
was arranged according to the schedule. Totally 282 Kongsberg targets were operated during the championship!

KTS has developed a number of new solutions for the US type of shooting, like a number of target lines run from one firing line,
team shooting with a number of shooters at the same target, interface against CMP’s own result program and much more.

The championship was a success, and both the shooters and CMP were very satisfied with the technical solutions
and the championship in total.