From shot to web
The Norwegian National Rifle Championship 2016

Approx. 3200 shooters participated at the Norwegian National Rifle Championship 29th of July to 5th of August at Overbygd in Troms county.
Probably the most advanced shooting competition in the world. 

The relatively low number of shooters is due to the location, which this time was as far north as the northern part of Alaska.
However, approx 1.5 million people followed the national TV channel`s 12 hrs coverage of this competition in real time. 
Not bad considering that only 5.5 million people are living in Norway!!

The Norwegian Military Championship is taking place at the same time on the electronic solution from KTS.

This annual competition has been arranged 16 times with electronic targets/scoring system from KTS at 100m and 200m (75 targets).

The Field Shooting and Rapid Fire Shooting were arranged for the second time at 140 electronic targets from KTS.

The Rapid Fire Shooting is one of the most popular events among the spectators;