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The Norwegian National Rifle Championship 2015

Approx. 5200 shooters participated at the Norwegian National Rifle Championship 30th of July to 7th of August at Lesja.
This annual competition has been arranged 15 times with electronic targets/scoring system from KTS at 100m and 200m (75 targets).
The great news this year was that the Field Shooting and Rapid Fire Shooting were arranged at 140 electronic targets.

These newly developed field solutions became a great success among the shooters and the organizers.
As an example; The Home Guard (National Guard) could drastically reduce the number of soldiers for marking etc.
while the shooters were highly impressed by the electronic marking. It was so much more instructive than the old "Hit" or "No hit".

Rapid Fire

The response time for the "slide target" used for Rapid Fire is unbeatable! Immediate response to the shooter when the target is hit!

More than 400.000 shots were fired at the KTS targets during this championship!