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Official opening of Talladega Marksmanship Park

The Governor in Alabama, Robert Bentley, officially opened the new shooting center,
Talladega Marksmanship Park, on 5 June.
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The shooting center has a genuine club house and 240 state-of-the-art electronic targets
from Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS), scattered on 25-50-100-200-300-600yards.
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Since Talladega Marksmanship Park is brand new and complete with electronic solutions
from Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS), it is anticipated that more of the US National
Championships will be arranged at Talladega, since Camp Perry has only paper targets.

In the weekend 6-7 June, a John C. Garand Rifle Match and other rifle and pistol
matches were arranged at Talladega, with rifle shooting at 200-300-600yards

and pistol shooting at 25-50yards.

The shooters were incredible impressed by the electronic solution from KTS,
which automatically displayed the scores immediately and accurately on a monitor next to the competitor.
In addition the spectators could follow the competition in real time on big screens
at the firing point and in the club house.

Compared with manual marking, the organizer announced that the competitions
were arranged in one third of the time.
In addition they saved a lot of resources. Among others they did not need any manpower in the target line,
and they got the ranking automatically.

For more information, see Civilian Marksmanship Program`s (CMP) website;