From shot to web
The Norwegian National Rifle Championship 2013

More than 5600 shooters participated at the Norwegian National Rifle Championship (Landsskytterstevnet), which was once again successfully arranged on the electronic equipment from Kongsberg Target Systems. This package was purchased  by the Norwegian Armed Forces in 2001, with the aim to be used at this huge competition.

On Saturday 3rd of August there was a severe thunderstorm with extreme strong wind (up to 248 km per hour), which among others destroyed a whole exhibition hall, caravans etc. Luckily there were only some few personnel injuries. When the wind dropped, the electronic system was switched on again and everything worked normally! But then all the people at the arena were evacuated, so there were some hours delay in the program untill next day. 

Our new web solution for the spectators display was first introduced last year. This solution had been further developed this year and became an even more successful solution.