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Contract Norwegian Armed Forces - Norwegian National Rifle Championship
Kongsberg Target Systems (KTS) signed 15th of May a new contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces for the annual National Rifle Championship, where normally 5-6000 shooters participate. The contract includes delivery, operation and support of a complete electronic solution for Field Shooting and Rapid Fire Shooting.Total value of the contract with options is approx. NOK 40 millions.

The new contract is an addition to the one which was signed with the Armed Forces as early as 2001 for the same annual National Rifle Championship at 100m and 200m. The fact that the results are now broadcasted in real time at the arena, by Internet and Television has been very positive for the shooting as a sport.  It has increased the recruiting and the shooting sport has got an even higher acceptance by the Norwegian population.

The electronic solution from Kongsberg has also saved a number of volunteers, soldiers and officers to run this huge competition. 

It is expected that the new contract will increase these positive effects even more.

The contract was signed by Brigadier General Bjarne Nermo and Managing Director Åge Bjøråsen.
Major General Kristin Lund from the Home Guard and General Secretary Jarle Tvinnereim from the National Rifle Association were also participating the contract signing ceremony.